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Our wonderful team is so excited to welcome you to Element Eye Care, where we are dedicated to providing you outstanding and personalized eye care.  We look forward to serving all your vision needs including routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, ocular disease detection and treatment, emergency eye care, and pediatric eye exams.     


At Element Eye we pledge to:
  • Provide exceptional eye care for our patients and their families.

  • Utilize state of the art technology in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Provide the highest quality and value of care with uncompromised service and friendliness

At Element Eye Care, we bring the most advanced eye care to the greater Charlotte area and are passionate about optimizing eye health. Our patients benefit from state-of-the-art technologies and access to the most effective treatments that improve and protect their vision.

Visit us at Windsor Square Shopping Center and take advantage of our convenient hours, same-day service, and friendly customer service.


Give yourself the gift of clear vision — schedule an appointment at Element Eye Care today. 

About Us


Routine Eye Exams
Whether you need bifocals, trifocals, progressives, computer lenses, transitions or contact lenses...Our skilled staff will help you to decide which lens type is best for your unique visual needs.  By using state-of-the art technology, our thorough exams further ensure you are getting the most accurate prescription possible, thus reducing possible eyestrain and/or headaches that often occur when prescriptions are too strong or too weak.
Pediatric Eye Exams


We know how precious your little one is to you and we believe their eyesight is no different.  Since poor eyesight can lead to developmental and learning delays, we recommend your child have their eyes examined at an early age.  While our doctors have seen children as young as 2 years old, we recommend your child at least have their first eye exam no later than 4-5years of age.  By having an eye exam this early, we are able to detect and treat any sight threatening conditions that your child may have, including "lazy" eye, eye turns, and/or refrective error, thus allowing your little one to begin school with the best sight.

Contact Lens Fittings


From clear contact lenses to colored, single vison to bifocal lenses, toric contacts to rigid gas permeables... we have it all.  Whether you are new to contacts or you have worn them for years, our staff will help you determine if you are a good candidate for contacts and if so what type of lenses and solutions would best suite your lifestyle, allowing you to finally acheive glasses-free harmony.  For our new contact lens wearers, we will also teach you how to properly care for and handle your lenses as well.

Diabetic Eye Care


All diabetic patients need yearly dilated eye exams to ensure their eyes are remaining diabetes free, especially since diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States.  In addition to your exam, we will also send a letter to your primary care doctor, summarizing our findings, thus resulting in better continuity of care for you.  Our office also has state of the art equipment to take a picture of your eyes to ensure stability of conditions like Diabetes, Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration. 

Emergency Eye Care


An eye emergency is any event where your eyesight is at risk.  These emergencies require prompt treatment with your eye care specialist to prevent vision loss.

If you feel you have an eye emergency, contact us immediately. 

        -Sudden loss or decrease of vision
        -Eye Pain
        -Onset of Flashes and Floaters
        -Sensitivity to light (more than normal)
        -Foreign Body in the eye
        -Double vision
        -Severe Head, Eye, or Face trauma
        -Red Eye
        -Chemicals contact your eyes
        -Presence of pus or crusting
Ocular Disease Care
Ocular Disease Diagnosis & Treatment: 
Your eyes truly are the windows to your performing a thorough eye exam we will look for any signs of ocular disease including but not limited to:   
            -  Cataracts
            -  Glaucoma
            -  Diabetic Retinopathy
            -  Hypertensive Retinopathy
            -  Dry Eye Syndrome
            -  "Red" Eyes
            -  Macular Degeneration
            -  Amblyopia
            -  Retinal Detachments
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Dr. Nicolette Zawilinski
Dr. Nicolette Zawilinski

Owner / Optometrist

Dr. Anthony Fioravanti
Dr. Anthony Fioravanti


Dr. Brittney Angelo
Dr. Brittney Angelo


Our Optometrists
Thick Frames


Element Eye Care always takes good care of me. Dr. F is insightful, kind, and up on the latest eye knowledge to best help me. He offers solutions to fit my lifestyle which I love. Definitely recommend him and element eye care!

Ashley Edmond

Dr. Z is the best - she is very nice and exceptionally patient with my two toddler boys who require eye exams for normal vision development. Thanks again Element Eye Care!

Marshall Weld

The ladies at the front desk were super friendly and pleasant! Dr Fioravanti was really knowledgeable and interested in helping provide the beat vision possible. You can tell he is passionate about what he does and made going to the eye doctor a fun experience!

Kyle Suddeth

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Concord Mills Office

8561 Concord Mills Boulevard, Ste B

Concord, NC 28027 \\ Tel: 704-996-3277

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9623 E. Independence Blvd, Ste A

Matthews, NC 28105 \\ Tel: 704-992-9410

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